Article in April issue of BCL featuring Anschtecka

(photography by Matthew Lincoln Yake)
Lily Oswald of Sorrelli Jewelry in Kutztown, PA, interviewed me about ANSCHTECKA for Berks County Living Magazine. "Green Fashions: Annika Blomberg's accessories line Anschtecka" will appear April issue to release on the 1st. Thank you so much Lily for the opportunity and for drumming up old memories of my childhood creations!

Specks and Keepings, Hillery Sproatt's new online shop soon to launch!

(photography by Matthew Lincoln Yake)
Starting the beginning of April my close friend Hillery will be opening Specks and Keepings: The Shop. Inside will be a collection of various artists' works, apparel, accessories and objects for the home all curated by Hillery's personal style and vision. We are very excited for this new endeavor and I am positive it is just the beginning of another one of her inspiring projects. Fun for me is that she will be including accessories, jewelry and backpacks from ANSCHTECKA, my accessories collection made from repurposed fibers and notions. Pictured above is the Rose Dress by rebe, and my Braided Spiral pins and necklace. www.specksandkeepings.com