new work: wall collages and bundles

bouquets: rediscovered

When I was cleaning in my studio the other week I came across this from a collection of bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres I made for Linnea Carlson (my cousin) and Thomas Stafford's wedding, now almost two years ago! The majority of the the materials used to make these were repurposed belongings of theirs. Some curtains, computer wire and pieces of a kimono were used for this foot long bouquet.

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the last Puss Fust

Was just revisiting some past projects and came across some photos of a performance/installation piece I did at Open Space Gallery in Baltimore for the show Puss Fust, an all ladies performance/art show etc. festival. I rearranged the objects and furniture in a small room I constructed on a continuous loop, working from left to right. I can't wait for the next Puss Fust which I have been told is coming this summer!